Buddy UP

It is a fair statement to say that anyone who reads our blog has a passion for traveling. Many of us want to travel a lot more often but don’t have anyone to do it with or traveling solo is beginning to feel a little…well lonely and even a little mundane.

I wrote an article “Tips For Traveling Solo” which helps travelers like myself with some tips and guidelines for when we decide to stop waiting on others and just go. However, I was contacted by one of our followers on Twitter, Ayla, who asked if I knew of any travel groups she can meet up with and travel with.

I know there are a few apps out there that promise to assist in doing so, but I can’t vouch for any. Since we already share the passion for traveling I decided to make this section in which our readers and followers, can post where and when they want to travel to. Others can then join your travels and you can arrange how to meet. Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, if you are open to have others join you just post it here.

It is a test run but I think something great can come from it. As more comments and destinations begin to emerge from it I will sort it out and make it easier to sort through them.

Here is an example of what a post would look like:

-Traveling out of JFK to Paris (CDG). Dates: August, flexible. Current people in group:2. Looking to meet up at JFK or CDG. Looking for people to join who love random onlinecanadianpharmacy.net adventures and don’t mind hopping from one city to the next. -@missSuzz

Obviously you can add more to that, it’s just a basic outline to go by. I will assist in making it easier to Navigate as the threads get larger! To get started just comment below and reply to threads that interest you.

I’m excited to try this out and join in on some trips! If you have any ideas and how to make it more efficient feel free to contact me!

Safe Travels!

  1. April 24-26 Philly. Gonna explore the city.

    June & July- Willing to travel within the U.S for a weekend.

    August 27-30 Vegas

    October- Flexible. So far found October 15, $798 RT from YTO (Toronto) to DPS (Bali).


  2. I’m headed Boston on Tuesday, March 23rd until that Monday! I love traveling solo but I also love meeting up with fellow travelers, especially abroad. I usually post all my trips on couchsurfing (huge fan) and meet travelers on there! couchsurfing.com/lilibethrivera

    1. That’s awesome! I never thought of couchsurfing.com for posting upcoming trips. I’ve always thought of it as a spot to locate places to crash at! I’m glad it’s evolved going to check it out again. Thank you for sharing

    2. Interested in traveling to Spain at the end of August! Traveling out of NYC to Madrid for a few nights and then make a trip to Barcelona. Flights are reasonably priced! Let me know if you’re interested! *serious inquiries only! 🙂

  3. Any females interested to travel with another Female to Colombia early Sept (3-10)? Flights out of LAX avg $340 right now. Serious inquiries only please

    1. I am interested in Cuba & Columbia. I’m from NY (JFK) Send me flight details (female)

  4. Traveling to Egypt with a 24hr layover in Milan from JFK. From Oct 2-9. Price is about $668 right now. If you’re down let me know!

    Also, traveling to Amsterdam out of JFK Nov 9-13. Flight is $348. Male or female just looking to have some fun for a weekend!

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