Cancun Mexico

Cancun is one of the most beautiful places i have visited thus far. Upon arriving i felt like i was staring into a painting, the water really looks as blue as it does in the pictures of paradise you grow up seeing.If you’re looking for a place with great weather, nightlife, many accommodation options , many  activities in Mexico, or just a relaxing vacation, Cancun is where you want to be!



Your adventure options included but are not limited to horseback riding, Kayaking, visiting the Mayan Ruins, Zip-lining, paragliding and many more! I visited during July, the weather was AMAZING. 

Cancun accepts both U.S dollars and the local currency. I would suggest having both because sometimes you get a better deal with local currency vs. U.S dollars. Do NOT exchange your U.S dollars at the airport in Cancun, you will get a better exchange rate at your resort or exchange house. 




During this trip i stayed at the Royal Solaris All-Inclusive resort which was situated in the main hotel zone. I really enjoyed my stay here, the food was good, the staff was friendly and the pool with a swim-up bar was probably my favorite. If you are looking to experience Cancun’s nightlife, just walk to the street and catch the R1 bus, for $2 it takes you to the strip where the bars and clubs are.

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