To celebrate over 20,000 visits since launching, we are giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to ONE lucky reader, to use on their next United flight.

The Gift Certificate can be used towards the purchase of all types of air travel on United.

To enter:
✈️Please tell us below why you should win the $50 Gift Certificate and where you will go. No duplicate entries accepted.

✈️In addition to the above, in order for entries to be valid you must: include your Name, Email and link to any of your social media account(s) in the “website” part of the form. Any entries that do not follow the giveaway guidelines will be excluded.

UPDATE: Contest will close on Monday Aug 31, 2015 at 11:59pm PST. Winner will be announced SEPT 4,2015

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  1. I would love to win the the gift card because my wanderlust is the biggest pain in a**! All I do is check your page regularly for flights out of or near my home in Pittsburgh. I’m a full time student & employee so I can’t afford to travel as often as I would love to. I would use the gift card to put towards my birthday trip to Barcelona next year!

  2. I want to win this gift card to buy tickets to LA. My boyfriend has been having a hard time lately with his job strike and life not going in the direction he wants right now. I know he’s always talked about going LA, even just for a weekend to see how he likes it out there. I want to use the gift card to surprise him. He works really hard and deserves to have a great vacation.

  3. If I was to win, this would be going towards my first trip I have ever taken in my life. I have been working two jobs and “trying” to save to visit my very good friend in Europe. He is in the Air Force stationed out there and it would be a surprise to him for me to visit him because he knows it’s been difficult for me to even try to go out there. I know the gift card isn’t much but if I was to win, it would make me want to go even more know I have to use it.

  4. I really hope I win this! My name is Dania,I am from California about an hour east from LAX, My brother moved to NYC and i am thinking of going out to see him as soon as i can get the cost all together. This is great! Thank you for even giving us the opportunity to win a little help like this. Congrats on the 20,000 views!

  5. i have been dealing with a foot injury since April and currently am in a boot until October…. Because of that I have not been able to do much of anything and I have gone through the summer with not setting foot on the beach (I live in Southern California, do you know how hard that is?!). I have had to postpone my graduate school plans due to the injury. Bottom line, I cannot wait to recover and I told myself I am going to go on at least one trip to make up for all the missed adventures so I would use the gift card toward that! 🙂

  6. I’ve committed myself to seeing as much of the world beginning this Fall. I’ve been doing my research and looking for deals & steals constantly. This would help greatly with my endeavors. Documenting my travels via social networks is also a big deal to me and you can be sure that if I were to win. Credit would definitely be given to all those who enabled my travels including Suzz’s Travels! Thank you for considering me.

  7. This thursday marks my 5 year cancer free mark, which i always promised myself a trip around the world! while i haven’t made it fully around the world (yet) i have slowly been crossing more things off of my bucket travel list. up next? the phillipines, laos and thailand. every bit counts!

  8. Thank you all who participated, wish we had more than one to giveaway. The Winner has been contacted through the email you provided. Stay tuned for more.

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