The following giveaway is currently running on our twitter page:

Tell us why we should select you to get a complimentary pool pass to the Mccarren Hotel & Pool in Brooklyn, NY.

To read more regarding the McCarren Hotel Pool click HERE.

The Winner will get a complimentary pool pass provided by The Mccarren Hotel & Pool for ONE guest and a free glass of rose (valued at $30+).

Due to the amount of inquiries receieved the giveaway will run from 6/23/15-6/25/15 12am EST. The winner will be announced on Friday June 26,2015.

*Winner must notify us at least 24 hours in advance to use their pass*

Thank you to everyone who entered! Everyone had great reasons, we wished we had more than one pass to giveaway! To make it fair we entered your names in a drawing and that is how we selected the winner. Please contact us to claim your price:

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  1. I think I deserve to win these pool passes because I’d rather be laying out and luxuriating by the pool than cooling off on the block by the fire hydrant.

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