Suzzstravels Giveaway

As promised to our twitter followers, Suzzstravels is having their first giveaway. The giveaway will run from Saturday 2/07/15 to Tuesday 2/10/15. The winner will be announced on Thursday 2/12/15. To enter read below:

1. Must be following @suzzstravels on Twitter to participate
2. Tweet your favorite personal travel picture along with the hashtag #suzzstravels and the link to
3. Each Retweet gets you 1 entry

The winner’s name will be drawn at random. The winner will get a GoGoair all day pass to use on their next flight on the same airline! Thank you Gogoair! Also don’t forget, if you already have T-Mobile, thanks to their partnership with Gogoair, you can already text while flying. Read my article on that HERE.

Please note:
*Any submissions that don’t follow the 3 guidelines to enter will not be considered
*The Gogo All-Day Pass allows access to the Internet on Gogo equipped flights on the same airline, from the time of initial sign-in, through the date of activation.Valid for use on Gogo equipped flights operating between destinations within the United States,Canada and Mexico, where network coverage is available.
*By participating on the contest you grant Suzzstravels the use of your pictures for

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