The Cook Islands


Today’s destination focus: The Cook Islands, ”the secret of the pacific”. Enjoy a adequately warm and sunny climate all year round. June to August are the cooler months, whilst November to March marks the warmer season making it a perfect escape for those of us who live in cold areas during these months.

Location: The 15 islands of the Cooks lie halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii in the South Pacific. 


Entry Requirements: A valid passport and a return ticket will allow you a stay of up to 31 days. Extensions may be granted on a monthly basis – for up to five months. New Zealand citizens automatically qualify for a 90 day stay. 

With 15 islands to choose from, the Cook Islands give you plenty of choices. 

Great for: Families & friends, Honeymoons, Weddings and a Romantic escape. Whatever the purpose of your trip is, The Cook Islands, has you covered. Have you been?

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