Bronx Ale House, Bronx NY

Time Visited: Saturday afternoon
Great for: Group or Solo visits

Located in the Bronx is the Bronx Ale House, offering guests a wide selection of beers and great bar food. The staff is all very nice but the attentiveness during this visit was mediocre. However, it must have been an off day because my sister had been multiple times before and she raved about the service. The bar has a couple TV screens and music playing, creating a nice atmosphere for those looking for a place to spend a few hours at.

I was very indecisive between having their chicken and waffles or one of their sandwiches. If you have read my previous post regarding Chicken and Waffles, you know by now I’m a fan of the combination. I was beyond excited to see an option that allowed me to combine the chicken and waffles and a sandwich. On this visit i had their Chicken and Waffles Grilled Cheese Sandwich! Absolutely genius! I would have personally like the waffles less crunchy but it was a great experience nonetheless. The garlic fries that accompany the sandwich were by far the best i have ever had!

In your next visit to New York city take a few hours to step away from the madness of Times Square and head to Bronx Ale House for a nice beer and your favorite bite.




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