Earning up to 1,500 TrueBlue Points on Jetblue

Jetblue has partnered with Tile to allow TruBlue members to earn points when they purchase a Tile device.

Tile is a small Bluetooth tracker which allows you to locate your everyday items in a matter of seconds through the app on your phone or tablet. If you loose an item you have Tile attached to, you simply loudly ring the item from the app and follow the sound. You can also tap the Tile if you misplace your phone to make it ring even if it’s on silent.

If the device you misplaced is not around you, check the map on the app to see its last known location and time. This is a great feature I find useful for your luggage. I would recommend keeping one on your checked luggage when you travel in the event the luggage becomes lost. The app will allow you to have a better idea of whether or not your bag made it to your plane, if it’s still sitting at the airport or if it ended up on a different flight.



Tile is available in retail stores such as T-mobile for $25. However if you want to earn TruBle points purchase it HERE and use your TrueBlue member email address when you check out. Christmas is around the corner, purchase them as gifts and stack up those points!

1 Tile=100 points
4 Tile=750 points
8 Tile=1250 points
12Tile=1500 points

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