Griffith Park, Los Angeles CA

Griffith Park
4737 Crystal Springs DR, Los Angeles ca 90027

For residents and visitors alike, Griffith Park is one of the Los Angeles gems we believe everyone should pay a visit to. Griffith park is the largest municipal park with urban wilderness in the United States! Throughout the years the park has developed family friendly attractions yet there are still huge portions that remain untouched by the human hand. The park offers miles of hiking and horseback riding trails that are guaranteed to wipe you out!





The park branches out onto the Griffith Merry Go Round and the Griffith Park Southern Railroad. Both are located in the same area which are neighbors to the Los Angeles Zoo. We highly suggest planning ahead of time & doing your research, to narrow down which of the many attractions you want to visit. Have we mentioned Dodger stadium is also nearby?

One of the many attractions located in the park is the Griffith Observatory. This great white structure welcomes visitors into its doors to view the stars through their telescopes, explore exhibits and learn more about our solar system. It is ideal for adults and children as well. Admission to the building is free along with parking. The observatory hosts many events throughout the year including a “Sunset Walk and Talk” and “Public Star Party”. Visit their webpage for a full list of upcoming events and hours.




Take your time observing your surroundings. Outside the observatory there are big sculptures and fabulous views of the Hollywood sign. If you proceed down a path outside the observatory, it extends into trails which lead you into Berlin forest. Use the restroom facilities as needed and the water fountains to stay hydrated. This is simply the beginning to a marvelous adventure!


The observatory offers marvelous views of the Hollywood sign, so make sure you bring your camera. Who knows, you might bump shoulders with a celebrity!

Happy Travels!

-Gaby Garcia