Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is in the southernmost region of mainland Portugal, just a short train ride away from Lisbon. It is the perfect destination for those seeking secluded beaches, breath-taking sea views, a hot nightlife or even just a relaxing vacation. Cost of living here is much lower than the rest of Western Europe, making it the perfect destination for the traveler with a budget. Additionally, because it is relatively small it doesn’t require a car to get around.
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Getting There

To visit Algarve nationals of Australia, Canada and the USA can stay for up to 90 days without a visa. A passport, however, is required. For a full list visit here

You can fly into Lisbon and take the short train ride into Algarve or you can simply fly into the Faro airport. For other options, including airport transportation you can check here


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Algarve offers travelers plenty of lodging options to select from. You can find hotel and apartment rentals for as low as $60/night in low season. During peak season you can find lodging options for as low as $110/night.

Places to Visit

Praia da Rocha, “The beach resort” of the town of Portimão. This vast beach is located next to Portimão marina. The avenue that runs along the top of the beach has a lot of restaurants, shops, bars, clubs and even a casino. It is a great option for those looking for something to do during the day or night.

The cities of Lagos and Faro.
While in Algarve make sure you make the time to head out and visit its two larger cities, Lagos and Faro. Lagos contains a great amount of history with origins dating as far back as 2000 years BC. Stop by and see what remains of the Governors’ Castle and the statue of Prince Henry across from it, looking out to sea. Other places to visit in Lagos are Lagos Marina, Meia Praia beach, its mini-markets and much more! There is so much to see in this city it would need its own blog post to list it all. Just know that you wont be disappointed!


Faro also offers visitors a large number of sightseeing and hiking options. The old town of Cidade Velha is one of the few that still contain historical buildings. You can also check out Sé Cathedral, Praia de Faro beach, Carmo Church and its Chapel of Bones, the Faro Municipal Museum, and the beautiful Ria Formosa Natural Park, a protected wilderness of lagoons.

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Lastly, do not sleep on the Sea Cave’s in Benagil Beach. The town of Benagil is 21 miles by road from Lagos. To access the caves and isolated beaches in the area you can then rent a boat. It may sound like a long journey but the pictures alone should convince you it will be worth the trip!



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Isn’t it breathtaking? We have booked vacations for clients here but Algarve remains on our personal list of places to visit. We cant wait to see it in person!

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