Stretching Your Dollar

Oct 13,2015
Note: Although the prices discussed in this post are available at the time of posting, fares constantly change and may no longer be available at any time.

When it comes to traveling, it is often required to think outside of the box so that we can accomplish what we want at a price that better fits our budget. More often than not, people think about how to get to Point Z from point A without considering all the different possibilities in between. I always speak on Twitter about how important it is to maximize your opportunities and stretch your dollars!

For this example let’s say you want to travel from Boston to Malta for your vacation.

Currently, booking a roundtrip flight from Boston to Malta for the following sample dates: Feb 3-17 is priced at $1031 the lowest with 2 stops. Average flight time: 14 hours on Air Canada.

However, what I would suggest is fitting in another destination you wish to visit that isn’t priced so highly. For this example we will use Paris, France.

Proposed itinerary
Feb 3:Boston to Paris (CDG). One way: $228 .1 stop on WOW airlines. Avg flight time: 10 hours

Spend a couple days in Paris. For this example, we are assuming we want to spend a total of 4 days in Paris, so we will break that time down in 2 segments as we list in the following schedule.

Feb 6: Paris (ORY) to Malta. One way: $105 nonstop on Air Malta.

Feb 14: Malta to Paris (CDG). One way: $89 nonstop on Air Malta. (This completes your desired time in Paris, in this example it’s a total of 4 full days)

Feb 17: Paris (CDG) to Boston. One Way. $237 on WOW AIR.

Total cost: $659

Not only did you save on the cost of flights but you also get to enjoy two places in one trip! Of course the length of trip and cities you visit could be adjusted to your preference. The point of this is to show how with a little planning and price comparison you can visit places you may think are outside of your reach. Explore your options and don’t be afraid to tackle two places off your list in one trip.

Safe travels!

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  1. Would like to know if you can provide round trip flight from NYC to ATL thurs june 9th to june 12th sun , its for my bday wknd , lmk pricing thank you

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