Travel Accessories For This Summer

Summer marks the start of traveling for a lot of people who don’t get to do it during any other time of the year. In this post we share some useful travel accessories to pack in your bag for your vacations this summer!

Ziploc Space Bags: If you are a heavy packer and need to maximize your luggage space, the Space Bag uses a turbo vacuum seal valve and double zipper to store your clothes nice and compact. A pack of 11 is available for $21 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Travel Size Tubes and Spray Bottles:
On our Snapchat (Suzzstravels), while preparing for our last trip, we showed how you can take tanning oil and your favorite creame in your carry-on bag. These 3oz containers are easy to fill and save you money because you won’t have to pay to check your bag nor will you have to buy the products for possibly double the price at your destination. You can find them at your local Duane Reade, Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. Start as low as $1 per bottle


Waterproof Phone Pouch:
Ideal for those who want to keep their phones and money dry during outdoor activities or while they are at the beach/pool, without having to spend $80 on a life-proof case. Available for $10 HERE.
phone pouch

Logitech UE Mini Boom Speaker: Don’t let the small size fool you! This small bluetooth speaker fits in one hand and it is pretty loud for its size, making it a great gadget to have for your next vacation. It fits in your carry-on bag and has a 50ft range with a 10 hour battery life. Once it dies, just recharge it and go! We love it! Available at Best Buy and T-Mobile stores for $99. T-Mobile retail stores currently have them for $30% off lowering the price to just $69.99.
UE mini boom

Mophie powerstation Mini:
We have mentioned this before, and we are mentioning it again! Who doesn’t hate not being able to use their cellphone to take pictures while on vacation because the battery went dead? This portable charger can recharge your phone up to one full charge and half of another one. It charges your phone faster than most chargers and the brand is well known and trusted. The cable it comes with to charge the portable charger can also be used with an Android device. For iPhone users just add the USB cable for it. $60 available at most electronic stores or online. Get $5 off here. HERE.

BANDI Women’s Pocketed Travel Belt: Awesome accessory to have for those who want an easy way to carry their basic necessities like phone, cash and cards while on vacation. No need to carry your bag or backpack next time you go on a hike or outdoor activity. Available on Amazon for $28.
travel belt

What accessories facilitate your travels?

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