Aruba Weekend Itinerary

Getting Here
Aruba is a quick flight from the East Coast. If you live in the West Coast, you will have a slightly longer flight but it will be worth it. U.S citizens will need a valid passport that doesn’t expire during the time of your visit. Passports must also have at least one blank page to get stamped upon entry. For all entry requirements click HERE.

Where To Stay
The Island of Aruba isn’t too big. In fact, you can travel around the whole island in one day. Therefore, where to stay will be based on a) preference and b) budget. One option to consider staying at The Renaissance. With a private island and a free boat ride there, the Renaissance was a win in our book.

If you are seeking some smaller hotel options, we suggest looking into the following:

Ocean Z

Talk of the Town Hotel and Beach Club

Tip: The Aruba sun is very strong, regardless of how tan you might want to get protect your skin with a good high SPF sunblock. After spending a day in the sun soak your face in Vitamin C serum, our favorite is the ArtNaturals Vitamin C.

In Aruba the local currency are Florins but US Dollars are accepted everywhere.

Things To Do

  • Philip’s Animal Garden (the island’s largest exotic animal sanctuary). Free admission, they ask for a donation of your choice. Great for kids. They also have ATV rentals available.
  • Alto Vista Chapel

    Tip: if you aren’t looking for a car rental, there are inexpensive cabs on the island.

  • Baby Bridge (the bigger Natural Bridge collapsed in 2005)

  • Bushiribana Ruins and Mills
  • Arikok National Park
  • Andicuri Beach
  • Three Bridges
  • De Palm Island: Palm Island is an all inclusive island. $109 per person gives you drinks, breakfast (continental) lunch and snacks from 930am-4:45pm. You also have activities such as zip lining, snorkeling, salsa lessons, air-jumpers, banana boat rides, and access to the water park all included for that price. Tickets are available directly through Palm Tours OR go through the Renaissance Hotel and speak to the manager David for $10 off ($99). Pick up to take you to the boat will be at the Renaissance Marina at 845am.

  • Black Stone Beach
  • Ayo Rock Formation
  • Rent a Jeep for a day: A Jeep rental from Top Drive in Aruba is roughly $210 for 24 hours. Note: they do tell you not to use it to visit the Natural pools 🤫 😉. The views are gorgeous though

  • Conchi Natural Pool

    Tip: you can book a tour that will take you through everything mentioned above via UTV. “Around Aruba Tour” for $180 (for 2 people).

  • California Lighthouse
  • Casibari Rock Formation
  • Eagle Beach
  • Boca Grandi
  • Take a boat ride on Jolly Pirates: from 9am-1pm you have unlimited drinks and they provide lunch along with a vest and snorkeling gear. The boat makes 3 stops: one for experienced snorkelers, the second for intermediate and the third, for beginners. On the third stop they also open the swing for people to jump off the boat. After the trip, they drop you off at the beach where you can spend the rest of your day.

  • Flamingo Beach (AKA The Renaissance Private Island). If you are not staying at the Renaissance, expect to pay $100/day to visit.

  • Esperantos cocktail Lounge: Hookah, frozen Margaritas and Latin music. Ask for Gerelandine (bartender) super fun Colombian living in Aruba!

Where To Eat Below are just some recommendations. We will update as we continue to try out new places.

  • Quinta Del Carmen
  • Urataka Center: best local pizza on the island. It is worth the drive and very affordable.
  • Cuba’s Cookin
  • The Dutch Pancake House
  • Barefoot

  • Scott’s Brats
  • Cafe 080: Friday-Sunday they have fish & chips (by the way they are considered as the best fish & chips in town). They have regular menu every other day.
  • Eduardo’s Cafe
  • The Flying Fishbone
  • Fishes and More The Restaurant
  • Red Fish

We hope this is useful for your next trip to the gorgeous island of Aruba. Please make sure you tag us on your travel pictures on Instagram! Don’t forget to hit “follow” to keep up to date with our travels along with fares and tips. Enjoy Aruba!

-Safe Travels
Shaunaly D
Nelson G (@Dominicoo0)
Susi G

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