Tips For The Solo Traveler

We have all been in a position in which we save for a trip, invite our friends to come along but not a single one of them can make it. Because of this, most of us postpone or cancel our travel plans. A lot of times, we need a getaway from other people but never go on it because traveling alone seems scary and unsafe. Below I share some tips with you so that next time someone cancels or you just need to get up and go, you can do so alone.

Don’t stand out
It sounds like common sense but a lot of people forget this simple yet important tip. If you are traveling outside of the country,leave clothing that represents your country at home. Nothing yells out louder “hey look at me, I’m not from here” than a sweater or T-Shirt from California when you are in Germany. Also, look as if you know where you are going, if you always look lost it’ll be easier for others to know you are not from the area.

Don’t announce yourself
When you are at a restaurant, a bar, or any other public place, do not reveal to the people you meet that you are alone. Travelers often forget that there are people praying on individuals who don’t have anyone with them. Always make sure you tell others your “friend” is “around”. You want to meet people while you are traveling, but be selective and cautious.

Check in
Even if you go away to get away from others, make sure you let your loved ones back home know where you will be staying and when you will be back home. In the event that something happens to you, they will know where to begin looking. I recommend checking in with them at least once a day or every other day. You want them to be able to identify when there is a problem as soon as possible, if you don’t check-in, how will they ever know? If you are a U.S. citizens traveling internationally, consider signing up for the free Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), which could help the State Department assist you in case of emergency.
Arrive early
When we travel with someone else, we book flights that end up arriving late at night because it’s more convenient for our schedules or for our wallets. However, when you travel alone you need to see what’s more convenient for your safety. Try booking a flight that arrives closer to your check-in time at the hotel. You want to be able to see where you are being taken during your commute from the airport to your hotel.

Hold on to your valuables
When you travel alone, you do not have someone to snap pictures of you as you tour around. Try asking an elderly person to snap a picture of you, you are less likely to have them run off with your camera or phone than asking a younger person. You can also purchase a “Griptight” accessory for your cellphone to help you take your own pictures.

With a little more planning and more caution, traveling alone can be a great experience, after all, who is better company than yourself? Next time you feel like getting away but there is no one to keep you company, do not cancel your plans, instead make sure you keep these handy tips at hand and go!

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