Travel Destination: Mykonos Greece

Travel Destination: Mykonos Greece

Mykonos is a Greek island that lays between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. The start of their busy season is June. If you intend on visiting in July and August, keep in mind it’s their busiest season and the Greek islands get very packed with tourists from all over the world. The island only has 27 cabs! To avoid any frustration make sure you arrange airport roundtrip transportation with your hotel ahead of time.

The island is relatively small and you can rent ATVs, scooters or even a car to get around. There is also a Bus that does a loop around however if you miss it you could be waiting an hour for it to swing back around.
Tip: Be prepared for activities to take a long time to get to and from.

Tip: Leave time in your travel plans to hop to another Greek Island (Aegina is a must-see!)or Athens.

Featured Hotel: The Corfos Hotel

The Corfos Hotel is a beautiful luxury hotel with suites and deluxe rooms in Mykonos. The hotel is great for individual, families or big groups. Helen Quiñones recently stayed there with a group of 20 and she said they hosted all of them like family. The owner of the hotel, Nico, was extremely attentive and available. In fact, he even drove her to the club to meet her friends the first night she was there because he couldn’t get her a cab! That is what I call going the extra mile! The hotel also has fresh and delicious breakfast every morning that his wife prepares.

Tip: Make sure you interact with the Greek people. They are warm and friendly and will point you around to the best places to grab food and sites to see.

Tip: If you are traveling in a group, make sure the group you are traveling with is comfortable rotating the dinner tab night to night. Restaurants do not split checks and they have a strange method of tallying up the total so save frustration and agree to rotate paying the bill!

Tips and photos by: Helena Q.
As always, safe travels!

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  1. Holidays in Mykonos! The truth is that to enjoy all the beaches on the wonderful island should rent a machine to Mykonos or even car to do as many things you can not spend time on the streets!

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