Itinerary for Amsterdam and Munich

Hallo Reisende!

(A little German for you guys. Yes we totally google-translated that, don’t be so judgy)

We just got back from another amazing trip to Amsterdam (in The Netherlands) and Munich (in Germany). As promised on our Twitter page and Instagram Pages, we are sharing our itinerary along with some tips to help you out on your next visit. For budget, planning, costs, additional suggestions and more checkout our other post “Europe Itinerary“.

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Type Of Luggage Used For These Flights:
To avoid checking in our bags and paying baggage fees we traveled with just a carry-on. We used The Away “Bigger Carry-On” measured at: Size 22.7” x 14.7” x 9.6”, which meets the baggage size requirement for the majority of airline carriers, it’s easy to travel with, charges your phone and it’s very durable. Get $20off your first order with our link HERE, the discount shows up after you create an account at checkout (on a desktop browser)

Tip: if you are deciding between the “regular carry-on” and “the bigger carry-on” from Away, you can get either one as the size difference isn’t much. We haven’t had any issues, just make sure you know baggage allowance size for your airline ahead of time. 1″-2″ isn’t a deal breaker.

To help packing just a carry-on we suggest taking pieces you can mix and match, limit the amount of shoes you take (yes ladies that means taking shoes you can mix and match with outfits too) and learning that Travel Cubes are your best friend. We rolled our clothes into them to help with space and organization. We have these HERE.

Avoid Getting Your Favorites Thrown Out: If you are doing a carry-on only, pack all your liquids, gels and aerosols into ONE quart size ziplock bag. Yes this means foundations, liquid lipsticks/lip glosses, hair products, shaving gel etc. Europe, overall, is strict about the quart size ziplock rule but Germany is very strict about the ONE quart size zip lock rule period. If you have two, it won’t be too much of a problem, depending on the TSA officer, but the rule states ONE so pack more at your own risk. Just remember not to argue with them, you don’t want to miss your flight over something you could have prevented.

Tip: if you are buying things at the airports in Europe, they will ask you for your boarding pass. Not sure about the reason behind it, but it’s good to keep in mind.

Things You Will Need:
-Euros: both countries use Euros as their currency. We recommend taking enough cash for your trip because many restaurants and shops in Amsterdam and Munich don’t take credit cards (exception: a couple (maybe 2 that we ran into) will take card only and a few only take MasterCard & not Visa). Depending on how you plan to spend, we would suggest $150/day. For anything outside of that take a credit card that doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee when you use it outside of the states. As always, avoid exchanging money at the airports. You can check with your bank ahead of time, at least 1 week before your trip, to see if they exchange currency. Always know what the current rate is. We use the XE currency app to keep track.
-A portable Charger: don’t be that person going into shops and restaurants asking them to charge your phone. Upgrade your travel style and buy a portable charger. These are two of my personal favorites HERE & HERE.
-Comfortable shoes: we have said it before and we will say it again-comfort over everything! We know you want to look fly but do it in comfort. You will be walking a lot.
-A light jacket: this is especially true in Amsterdam as it usually gets chilly.
-A travel converter: for bigger appliances such as laptops, hair straighteners, blow dryers etc. We break down the differences in this post. If your appliance is dual voltage: 110v/220v a converter isn’t necessary. We recommend something like this because electric outlets in EU are round shape.
-A travel adapter: for smaller electronics such as cellphone chargers. Something like this would work perfectly.

A Picture of Your Passport:
I hate carrying my passport on me when exploring cities, so i have a picture on my phone to show for ID purposes at stores. I also have a copy in my e-mail in case i ever lose my passport and/or my phone.

-The Google Translate App: a lot of people in Amsterdam and Munich speak English and a lot of restaurants have an English version of their menus, but when they don’t make sure you have the app available to help you out. As always, remember to ask someone if they speak English, don’t be rude and assume they do!

-Sheet Masks, Vitamin C serum, Moisturizer or some of your favorite hydrating face products containing hydraulic acid. Traveling on planes for so long really sucks up moisture (men: moisturizing isn’t just for women). Look fabulous while on vacation but don’t overdo it by bringing too many products. By day 3 my face was asking for help, I used The Creme Shop 2 in 1 Charcoal & Lemonade sheet mask. This sheet mask removes toxins from pores, detoxes, heals, helps with blackheads, brightens and moisturizes! One of our favorites. (Make sure it works for you as our skin tones vary and what works for me may not work for you). You can see some of our faves HERE.

-A great Shampoo & Conditioner: Hair care is just as important as skin care when traveling. We always get emails and messages on social media about how we keep our hair healthy when traveling so much. The change in water can really throw off your hair and scalp. Our go-to is the Argan Shampoo & Conditioner by Artnaturals which contains 100% pure organic oils. We have the full size bottles but we put them in travel tubes like these when we travel. Benefits: helps with dry-flaky scalp, dandruff, frizziness, flyaways and split ends. It has jojoba oil, along with almond, peach, and avocado oils.

Tip: Uber currently works in both Amsterdam and Munich.

Our 6-Day Layout + Airlines we flew on
Day 1: Amsterdam-We flew on Aer Lingus: the seats were smaller in width & had less legroom. The service was good and the food wasn’t bad. They also allowed one free checked bag, if a carry-on doesn’t work for you. We bought a roundtrip flight JFK to AMS and AMS back to JFK but because of code shares, we flew back on a different airline (see below)
Day 2,3,4: Munich We flew from AMS to MUC on Lufthansa, we purchased one of their Economy Light fares which allow a free carry-on bag no more than 18lbs when traveling within Europe. The seats were comfortable and the staff was nice.
Day 5 & 6: Amsterdam We flew back to AMS from MUC on Lufthansa as we purchased a roundtrip flight. However, from AMS back to JFK we flew on British Airways who of course has free liquor and a free checked bag. The food was also not bad. Their seats and legroom were also better than Aer Lingus.

For both Amsterdam and Germany we opted for Airbnb rentals. We stayed at a total of 3 places. If you are new to Airbnb get $35-$40 off your first rental click HERE. Note: If you are traveling to Munich for Oktoberfest like we did, book your place at least 8 months in advance. Many places are completely booked a year ahead of time. You can also use the website GoWithOh to locate apartment rentals. Below are the places we stayed in:

Amsterdam Day 1: we stayed at this Airbnb which was ideal for 1 day. The place was a little further away from Central Amsterdam and close to Sloterpark. It was the bigger of the 3 apartments we stayed in. The tram to go to the center of the city was close by. It can fit up to 4 adults comfortably. If you don’t mind taking the tram to the center, this apartment might work for you.

Germany Day 2-4: for Oktoberst we wanted to be as close as possible, so we stayed at this Airbnb which was close to the festival, shops, bars and restaurants. It was also very close to the center of the city. The Airbnb is a hotel room with a fridge, small kitchen space and sink. It is listed for 3 people but i would recommend it for 2 people.

Amsterdam Day 4-6: this was by far our favorite Airbnb in Amsterdam. It is a waterfront studio in a nice and quiet neighborhood. It has a super cute garden, nice decor and it’s about a 10 Euro Uber trip to the center of Amsterdam. It’s listed for 4 adults which is pretty accurate but if you want extra space 3 adults would be ideal.

Tip: if any of those lodging options don’t suit your needs, we have another option for Amsterdam listed on this post. You can also book somewhere else around the areas those are located in.

Tip: make sure you check if a place you plan to visit is open as many places are closed on Sundays or Mondays.



Tip: In Amsterdam you can use the app “Green Mile” to find coffee shops.

    • Slooterpark

    • Walk around Jordan neighborhood

(many restaurants, bars, cafes and shops are around here)

    • Walk around De Pijp Neighborhood

(many restaurants, bars, cafes and shops are around here)

    • Albert Cuyp Market

Check to see if it will take place during your visit. If so, make sure you stop by the Wally’s Waffles tent. DELISH!

    • Take a canal boat ride tour

You will find where to purchase tickets at the center of Amsterdam for approximately 11-16 Euros for 1 hour canal tours. You can also book a tour package ahead of time via Expedia or Viator.
Grab a bottle of champagne before going on your tour 😉


    • Eat breakfast/brunch at The Avocado Show

If you don’t like avocados this won’t be for you. Ask about their off-the menu options. Ps. Card only here.

    • Los Pilones

Yes, a Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam. You know we love finding restaurants representing our country. This restaurant was opened by 3 Mexican brothers. Their Lime Margaritas and Chicken tostadas were our favorite.

    • Indulge in Churro and Crepes

you will come across so many delicious options, pick one and see which ones are your favorite. Don’t skip out!

    • Corner Store Bakery
    • Shakes topped with Donuts, no need to say more!
    • Breakfast/Brunch at Cut Throat

When Chicken and Red Velvet Waffles are an option, we are all in. This cafe also serves beer among other options.

    • Have dinner at Cannibale Royale
    • the decor is a little dark as the name suggests but their ribs, burgers and beers are worth the visit.

    • Dam Square
    • A’Dam lookout
    • Plekk Bar
    • Supper club
    • World of food
    • Pont 13-ferry turned restaurant
    • G’s in Jordan for Brunch
    • Sky Lounge-Doubletree 11th floor for beautiful views of Amsterdam. Business casual attire suggested
    • Check out our Instagram post for a chance to win some gifts from us, we tell you how HERE.


    • Oktoberfest

usually takes place from Sept 16-Oct 3. If you want to go into the tents make sure you make reservations months in advance. You can find more information here. I recommend everyone to attend at least once in their lifetime, it was very cool to experience. If you attend, i highly suggest you dress the part, like locals do. Ladies: you can purchase a Dirndl Dress similar to this style here. Men: you can purchase a lederhosen similar to this one here.

    • White Rose Memorial

    • English Garden

    • Eisbachwelle

    • Hoftgarden
    • Bayerische Staatskanzlei

    • St Peters Church

Climb up the tower to get beautiful views of Munich

    • The New Town Hall, Town Hall Gallery & Surrounding Buildings

    • Umschreibung Stairway Sculpture
    • Old Town

Walk around this area, there are several restaurants and shops around.

    • Das Labor

Drinks in test tubes & good music!

    • Cafe cosmos

A small bar with good drink options

    • Drinks at Zephir
    • Joon

For Breakfast/Brunch. Note: service is slow so know that before arriving

    • Münchner Stubn

For dinner & Drinks. Highly suggest getting the “KARAMELISIERTER KAISERSCHMARRN” for dessert. Ps: They serve Bavarian food, if you are not into trying the local food, you might not enjoy this place

    • California Bean


    • Taco Libre


    • Shandiz

Persian Food

    • Occam Deli
    • Check out our Instagram post for a chance to win some gifts from us, we tell you how HERE.

Where will you be traveling to next? Is Oktoberfest on your list? Have you been to Amsterdam?

Safe Travels!

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